Established in 2008, we are a small family owned company once located in the Midland/Penetanguishene area that prides itself on being a supporting contributor of our beautiful community.

The 2008 recession had left the manufacturing sector little to boast about but we at Cox Investments were always looking for ways to continue our growth in markets such as real estate and small business.  After the first quarter of 2009 we relocated to the southern regions of South Western Ontario.  

We expanded the services of the company and offered small loans to give cash injections for small businesses to help their growth and position as they evolved however; we soon realized that we were not diversifying the business with core strategies in mind.

Around 2010 we recognized that our passion for real estate investing is what Cox Investments is truly about and in order to focus the business, we needed to redevelop our long term strategies. Since then our focus is primarily on real estate investment such as buy & hold (commercial and residential), rehab, wholesale, and lease options. 

As the years progressed, Cox Investments expanded its portfolio to include small privately owned businesses that fit the business model. Each of the businesses had an element that fits within the Cox Investments strategy for growth. The businesses also support the business needs as well as maintaining property for our clients in order for them to retain or build on their equitable investments.

As we evolved we recognized that the business needed to be incorporated to eliminate all of the subsequent businesses to become one unified service and position ourselves for long term growth. To this day, we remain a family business with strong ethics that we pass on to our clients, staff, and colleagues in everything we do. Check out what we have grown into today...(click here)

If you have any interest for further information and/or have real estate that you would like to buy or sell, please feel free to Contact usPlease do not provide real estate opportunities through agent listings.

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