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Services & Specialties

Our company has a few unique diverse areas of business.  The first is the foundation of the company itself which is the investment of real property (real estate).  Allowing the equity to grow over the years, creating the stability and foundation of the company which has also provided the flexibility to venture into other sectors of business as well. 

With the real estate that we have been able to acquire over the years, it has given us the opportunity to provide residential opportunities for our community and also open up seasonal cottage rentals to those who do not want to tie up their hard earned savings on a long term investment.  

We always maintain our properties using local suppliers and materials where possible to further support our local economy which leads us into the third area of business.  We also invest in short term realty property in order to restore and turn back over, of course at a profit but also while using the local resources to continue to support the growth of our communities.  

With the equitable foundation created by the other segments of the business; working with all of the local suppliers, 
we have met many people that could use an opportunity and hence the investment into small local business. We soon realized that there are many local small businesses that simply need financial assistance to launch or further support a small business plan that they have been dreaming about for years or need a little boost to get to the next level.   For this reason, we opened up the opportunity for small business loans.

The latest additional operation to assist our local community are small personal loans.  We all often find ourselves stuck in that rut paying high interest rates or have even falling behind to the point where collections are breathing down your neck and there seems to be no way out.  We believe that the hard working people that simply need a break, actual deserve one.  We have created opportunities to buy out those long outstanding loans, sometimes at a smaller balance than what our clients once owed and in addition, more than often hold the loan for a lesser rate than what our clients were paying before.  This provides a small portion of the company revenue however, it creates great opportunity for people in our community to get a break from those larger corporations.